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Our mission

is to nourish, fortify and recover hair so everyone can embrace their own


Our Story

Asian cultures have long celebrated the illuminating effects of rice water as a secret beauty weapon. It beautifies skin, and has mind-blowing results on hair length, texture and shine. Inspired, our visionary founder, La La Anthony, experimented with it on her own hair and scalp, quickly seeing transformative results.

Fortified with our now signature Rice Water Complex, INALA’s line of hair care essentials is formulated with clean, cruelty-free ingredients to cleanse, strengthen and empower healthy hair.

Inala’s Rice Water Complex

Pure Rice Water Extract

Packed with amino acids and natural anti-inflammatory properties, rice water encourages growth and promotes
hair health.


Nourishing properties to fortify hair from root to strands’ end, biotin is a critical ingredient to build elasticity and hydration in each and every strand.


A protective powerhouse, arginine penetrates hair at the follicle to
reduce breakage and hydrate worn
and torn strands.

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After years of over-styling and, quite frankly, damaging my hair, I knew I had to focus on repairing it. Discovering rice water and developing these products was a labor of love and one that has been so fun and fulfilling. I hope you’ll join me in sharing your hair care journey, successes and stories!

– La La Anthony

Our Guiding Principles

Our collection of products is a reflection of our mission, values, and vision. La La and her nimble team of mighty doers established these early on, and they inform the way we show up for each other and our customers.

Every action, every decision, every hire, and every customer interaction is led with these guiding principles.


We are straight-up about our products, their intended benefits, and everything that’s inside.


Through community engagement, we uncover common hair concerns and respond with products and recommendations that are universally beneficial for all hair types.


Many factors - ethnicity, diet, environment, and styling habits inform hair type. Let’s open the conversation and share what works cross-culturally to try something new.

Eau La La

The INALA team is meticulous and strategic about which formulas incorporate fragrance, as we always want to keep scalp and hair health at the top of our minds. Fragrance has always been an important part of La La’s beauty routine and this aroma truly elevates the overall product experience. With this in mind, the INALA team ensures that the fragrance has been developed under the cleanest standards and will not dry out or damage your strands. Equally as important, this fragrance does not contribute to deforestation or extinction of natural resources.

Expressions of violet and jasmine define La La’s first fragrance experience for her haircare line, INALA. Undertones of praline and musk softly power the bouquet, releasing hints of Turkish rose and sweet apple into a floral explosion. Balancing femininity with nature, Eau
La La exudes vibrancy in play and the confidence to slay.