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INALA Staff Spotlight: Kayla's New Year's Hair Resolutions

It’s pretty safe to say that every person on the INALA Team is hair obsessed. Joined together by the love of hair in all textures, colors, and patterns, we think, talk, and strategize everyday on how to bring the best healthy hair products to our community. We've each set our own 2023 hair resolutions (no surprise there!) and for the month of January we'll be sharing our goals, tips, tricks, and product suggestions!

To kick off this series, we caught up with the brand’s Senior Manager of Product Development, Kayla

Picture of INALA Staff with Silk Scrunchie

“One of my 2023 hair resolutions is to increase my density near my edges. In 2022 I wore my hair in a slicked back pony or bun too frequently (RIP edges). That said, I’d like to grow my hair back in the sparse areas, and give the slicked back looks a rest for 2023. We’ll see how much I can commit to this because I have lots of hair and pulling it back is my comfort zone. However, since using INALA, beginning in May of 2022, my curl pattern has enhanced and I went from a 2B pattern to a 2C and 3A in some places - thank you Triple Threat Tonic and Reset Rinse for reviving my strands! I now have the confidence to wear my hair down and naturally wavy/curly more often. I want to continue this progress of improving my pattern, while mending breakage, and building bonds. My #strandstory while using INALA has been so exciting and I can’t wait to see what hair goals I can accomplish this year!”

Shop Kayla's 2023 picks:

Put Me Up: “Switching to a 100% mulberry silk scrunchie reduces hair breakage and puts less stress on hair than a regular hair tie.”  PS - It's the scrunchie in her picture!

Put Me Up 100% Mulberry Silk Scrunchie

Empowered Pillowcase: “This is a staple in my routine to maintain healthy hair. I even bring one with me when I travel because I can see the difference in breakage, frizz, and dehydration in just one night if I don’t have it!” 

Empowered Pillowcase 100% Mulberry Silk

Rice Water Ritual 3-Step System: “ I thank Reset Rinse and Triple Threat Tonic for reviving my curl pattern and bringing it back to life in 2022. I plan on being even more diligent with these products in 2023 so I can get my healthiest hair yet. Power Potion is going to be a regular product in my routine to help me achieve my goal of increasing the density of my edges.”

Rice Water Ritual 3-Step System

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