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My #StrandStory: Featuring Keke of @FlauntFace

Talking about our relationship with our hair is one of the reasons INALA was started in the first place. Realizing that years of damaging hair styles had started to thin out her hair, La La spoke up about her struggles and got to work by partnering with industry professionals to create the hero product of INALA, Power Potion. Sharing her own #StrandStory has empowered our community to share their own, from the wins, to the challenges and everything in between. Ultimately, she hopes that through community we can find the solutions and encouragement to feel confident from the crown down. 

We wanted to kick off this special #StrandStory series by featuring a friend of the brand, Keke (@FlauntFace), who has graced our live stream shows as a crowd-favorite co-host for INALA’s live stream appearances on the Supergreat app

Tell us about yourself!

“I’m a Pro MUA, Graphic Designer, and Creative Director in beauty. Aesthetics is one of my love languages… I’m obsessed! Whether it’s in beauty, fashion, or Interior Design to name a few that’s where I thrive along with being an overall creative. Having daily conversations about beauty and wellness is natural to me and I enjoy learning about new concepts in the industry. I tend to gravitate towards brands that have a unique story and the ones that are inspiring and relatable usually have a special place in my heart. Case in point - INALA.” 

What is your #Strand Story?

“I got my first relaxer when I was in 6th grade and at the time I thought because my hair is finally straight I'm now more beautiful. Fast forward to high school, I continued getting my hair relaxed but I also dealt with breakage, scalp scabs, (if you know, you know lol) and the list goes on. Once I graduated high school and moved to LA I eventually stopped getting relaxers because I was over the process of having to maintain it every 6 to 8 weeks. 

Ironically not too long after is when the natural hair community was “birthed”. Because I stopped relaxing altogether, I started to see my natural curls again which made me become more experimental with my hair.

YouTube and blogs were essentially my primary source on what products to use and what methods to try. The curl type chart became very popular and essentially the starting point which unfortunately wasn't its initial purpose unbeknownst to me and many other naturals. I mostly wore my hair in a wash-and-go, blown out, flat ironed, heatless curls, and wigs.

To sum up, where I’m at now I had to unlearn a lot but that made me fall back in love with my natural curls and my hair is in a much healthier state! Eventually, I learned that it's beyond just a curl-type chart. Instead, it comes down to the science and education about your own unique hair and a professional can help guide you to make that discovery. 

These days when it comes to product buying and trying I’m no longer a product junkie! Even if I’m feeling tempted to buy products because it’s recommended on YouTube and it seems to work well for that individual, I’m quick to do a bit more digging instead of being so impulsive. I’m very clear on my hair porosity, texture, density, and hairstyle preferences that fit my lifestyle. More than ever I’m more equipped to know if I need a product or not. Luckily with INALA, all products fit wonderfully in my current routine and I couldn’t be happier!”


What is important to you when choosing products for your hair?

“Functionality, practicality, simplicity, and ingredients…  in that order.” 


What are your favorite INALA products and how do you like to use them?

“I love them all, but if I had to choose it would be the Reset Rinse. I’ve dealt with dry, scaly scalp and dandruff issues for the longest time to the point where I started to accept it. The Reset Rinse has totally changed the game for me when it comes to my wash day prep. In the same way, I’m obsessed with my exfoliating products within my skincare routine, it makes sense as to why that’s my favorite! Prior to using the Reset Rinse, I would see scaliness almost immediately after washing but as of late I don’t see it until about a couple of days before wash day.”


Any tips and tricks you want to share? 

"YES! I love using the Crown Polisher to massage the Power Potion into my scalp in addition to its main purpose in the shower. Obviously, you get the benefits of the Rice Water Complex, and you also get the benefits of scalp massaging to further help stimulate hair growth.

HOW TO: After applying one dosage of Power Potion drops, use the Crown Polisher to comb it through your scalp while applying a bit of pressure to massage the drops in. You can also use your opposite hand to “chase” after each pass going in a backward motion. This method helps particularly if you have coily hair or if you’re wearing a sleek ponytail style."




Big thanks to Keke for helping us kick off this series! You can follow her on Instagram and on Supergreat where she does a live show every Friday!


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