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The Crown Act

Across our country, Black Strand Stories are being discriminated against. Black hairstyles and Black people face discrimination, harassment, and firings for wearing natural, cultural, and even religiously tied styles.

While progress is slow, changes are being made thanks to the tireless efforts of the “CROWN Coalition,” which stands for “Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair.” Their work has helped create and pass legislation across the country to protect against workplace and school discrimination. 

Starting with California in 2019, the Crown Act bans employers and school personnel from discriminating against people based on their natural hair or protective styles. Since then, the Crown Act has been signed into law in 20 states (as of February 2023), and the US House of Representatives passed the bill at the federal level but has not yet been passed by the Senate. 

To learn about the Crown Act and how to get involved, visit You’ll find details and easy actions steps that will help move this important legislation forward.

Here at INALA, this is larger than Black History Month. Together we can enact change to protect Crowns and help Black Strand Stories be seen, heard, and celebrated. 

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