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The INALA Gift Guide!

It’s almost December, which means that it’s the final stretch for any holiday shopping that you intend on doing. We know that choosing the right gifts for everyone on your list can be stressful, but now it doesn’t have to be! Luckily, healthy hair is always in style and we have something for everyone on your list this year! Everything that INALA makes is for all hair types and textures, so you really can’t go wrong, but if you want a little more guidance read on for some suggestions!

For the person who always wears their hair up:

This is for all of the ponytail, bun, and braid lovers in your life – super cute hair accessories that double as a healthy hair hack by not causing damage and breakage to strands like traditional hair ties. Healthy hair has never looked so good.

Silk hair scrunchiesHair clips
Put Me Up: An oversized 100% mulberry silk scrunchie in a versatile neutral color to go with anything and everything.
Clip Me Up: A marble pattern hair clip for all your twists, buns, and beyond. 



Gift Tip: Adding Triple Threat Tonic to this gift will also help protect your loved one’s strands by strengthening hair and adding light hold and shine to all those updo’s they love so much. It’s a match in healthy hair heaven!


For the person who is always traveling:

Their Instagram is filled with all the places they’ve been and their New Year’s Resolution is to see all the parts of Europe they haven’t already seen. Instead of buying them a passport holder, here are our suggestions. (Trust us, they have enough passport holders.)

Take me There: A chic travel bag that holds all of the INALA line (yes, even the accessories!). It’s perfect for adventures big and small, and ensures that their favorite INALA products are never left behind. 

Gift Tip: INALA offers other products that come with their own carrying cases, like the Strand Smoother and the Empowered Pillowcase, which make great stocking stuffers for this person!

For the person who doesn’t know where to start:

All the options that are available can make shopping for hair products overwhelming. We want to make haircare fun, effective, and something that people look forward to! In the words of La La herself, “Hair Care is self-care.” We couldn’t agree more.

Rice Water Ritual

INALA’s 3-step Rice Water Ritual: This set takes all the guesswork out of establishing a new hair routine. For all hair types and textures? Check. Leave-in and rinse-out options? Check. Paraben-free, silicone-free, sulfate-free, cruelty-free AND vegan? Check. Maybe they don’t want to completely change their routine, but they just want to make their hair a little healthier. Yep, this set is also perfect for them.

All three products are versatile enough to be used in an already established routine and can be used however you like to wear and style your hair. The Ritual contains products for both scalp and strands for overall healthier, fuller, and stronger hair. 


crown polisher in the bathroom

Gift Tip: Adding the Crown Polisher to this gift will give their scalp a healthy boost of blood flow, which can help promote healthy hair growth! It can be used on wet hair (with the Reset Rinse) and on dry hair to help scalp products better absorb (like the Power Potion)!

For the curly friend:

Their curls are the envy of others, but you know them well enough to know that it doesn’t just look like that by chance. People with curly hair tend to have a variety of products and techniques that they use in their styling arsenal and can spend a lot of time styling their hair. Why not give them something to make their hair styling a little easier?

plush microfiber towel

Dry me Off: A plush microfiber hair towel that can be used to plop, scrunch, and dry curls for a faster dry time and overall healthier hair. 


reset rinse

Gift tip: Although it works for all hair types and textures, people with curly hair LOVE Reset Rinse’s ability to add shine and revive curl definition. This duo makes the perfect pair for curly hair!


For the person who never skips their routine:

They always take their makeup off before bed, never skip a scheduled workout, and have their hair routine down to a science. 

Reset Rinse 3-pack


Give them the gift of consistency with one of our 3-packs! Available in the Power Potion, Triple Threat Tonic, and Reset Rinse, these value packs give you a discount and give them enough product to last between 3- 6 months! That’s definitely a win-win.



Gift tip: Looking for other value sets? We have all kinds available right now for every single person on your list! All bundles have a discounted price, because we love a good deal, too!

For the person who loves a little bit of luxury:

They love beauty products and find comfort in a little retail therapy (no judgment, us too!). Even though they may have drawers full of beauty products, they are always on the hunt for the newer and better. They can be tricky to shop for, but we got you. 

Nothing says decadence quite like silk. Our Empowered Pillowcase, made of 100% mulberry silk, gives a whole new meaning to the term “beauty sleep.” Designed for better hair mornings, silk helps hair retain its moisture, reduces tangling and frizz, and is even good for your skin! Even if this friend on your list has it ALL, they probably don’t have this yet. 😉

Silk Scrunchie

Gift tip: For the ultimate gift, pair the pillowcase with our 100% mulberry silk scrunchie, Put Me Up, which can be used to “pineapple” hair at night to help maintain the hair’s natural pattern and texture for better hair by morning.

Who are you giving INALA to this holiday season? Let us know in the comments! 

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