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Three INALA-Inspired Holiday Cocktails!

The holiday season is upon us and if you’re hosting any parties, this one's for you! We rounded up some fun and unique INALA-inspired cocktails (and a mocktail!) that will be sure to please! 

Triple Threat Cognac and Tonic

Using just 3 simple ingredients, this is a French cocktail that really lets the cognac shine. The preparation is super simple - no need to be an at-home mixologist for this one! All you need is cognac, tonic water, and a lemon to partake in this Triple Threat Tonic-inspired cocktail!  

How to make: Mix 2-3 parts tonic water with one part cognac and serve in a snifter with a thinly sliced lemon for garnish. Want to make this a bit sweeter? Substitute tonic water for lemonade, ginger ale, or even your favorite cola!

Cranberry Sake Martini

Ok, it’s not technically a martini, but it has all the glamour of one! Festive cranberry juice adds sweetness and color to sake, a Japanese rice spirit, making this drink a fun ode to rice! All you need are four ingredients: sake, cranberry juice, lime, and Sprite. If you happen to have a martini shaker and some martini glasses at home, now is the time to break them out!

How to make: Using a martini shaker, fill it with ice, 3 ounces of sake, 1 ounce (or more if you’d like) of cranberry juice, and a wedge of lime. Shake it up really well and strain it into a martini glass. Top off the drink with a splash of Sprite and garnish with a lime wedge!

Homemade Horchata OR Spiked Horchata

This rice mocktail (with a cocktail option) makes horchata, a Mexican rice milk beverage, the star of the show and tastes incredible both with and without alcohol. You can find horchata at a specialty grocery store but if you have the desire and the time, you can also make it at home! 

Below are two ways to make it for those who are curious:

  1. Traditional Horchata recipe from My Latina Table
  2. Non-dairy Horchata recipe from

Once the horchata is made (or purchased) follow the directions below:

For the mocktail: Pour into a highball glass over ice and add either a cinnamon stick or some star anise on top for garnish. 

For the cocktail: Pour into a highball glass over ice and add a splash of tequila (silver works best) and just a dash of coffee liqueur and stir. Add a cinnamon stick or star anise on top for garnish. 




To ensure a safe and festive holiday season for everyone, please drink responsibly. 

Also check our HolyDeals and stay tooned!

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