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We're Leaping Bunny Certified! (What Does That Mean?)

A question we often get asked is if our products are considered cruelty-free. While the answer (spoiler alert!) is yes, we recently went a step further and got our products Leaping Bunny certified! Want to know more? Read our interview with our Senior Manager of Product Development, Kayla, as she talks about what that means, how brands get certified, and why being cruelty-free is important to INALA.

Q: What is the Leaping Bunny certification? 

“The Leaping Bunny certification is an internationally recognized, cruelty-free certification. This means we’ve made the commitment to be free of animal testing, in any way shape or form during our product development process. This certification is considered the gold standard for personal care and household products.”

Q: What does a brand need to do to get the Leaping Bunny Certification? 

“INALA attained this certification because all of our products that we have ever sold, currently sell, and will sell in the future comply with the following Leaping Bunny standards: 

  • We do not sell products in a country that demands animal testing, such as China 
  • We do not use ingredients/raw materials that are tested on animals 
  • Our final products are not tested on animals for safety, claims, etc.  
  • Our Product Development Team is committed to carefully selecting suppliers and manufacturers within the US that do not conduct animal testing during any stage of the product development process”

Q: Why is the Leaping Bunny Certification important to INALA?

“As a brand, our integrity, transparency, and compassion for animals is a value we are committed to upholding. When brainstorming new products, we have a ‘the skys the limit’ mentality because we believe this brand and our signature Rice Water Complex has so much to offer. That being said, sometimes when formulating we experience challenges when creating innovative products, and development can get tricky. However, no matter how difficult it is to make our formulas, we will never use ingredients that are tested on animals in order to create a product. We are committed to sourcing alternative raw materials that are cruelty-free and do not contribute to the extinction of nature. We are here to protect our planet and the beautiful creatures that fill it.

Additionally, our co-founder La La has a history of making ground-breaking cruelty-free statements with her business ventures. In 2020 she was the recipient of the Compassion in Fashion award from PETA for her eponymous line of size-inclusive and 100% vegan clothing. She adores animals and shows off her boxer, Seven, on her social media all the time!”

Dog having a birthday party
La La's Boxer, Seven 🖤 

Q: Does the Leaping Bunny Certification mean that you are also vegan?

"This is where it can get confusing - not all brands that have the Leaping Bunny Certification are considered to be entirely vegan. The Leaping Bunny Certification focuses on animal testing specifically. However, Power Potion, Reset Rinse, and our newly launched Triple Threat Tonic are all vegan and do not use any animal by-products."

INALA Rice Water Ritual

Big thanks to Kayla for helping us write this story! Have a question for us? Drop it in the comments below!✨

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