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You Asked, We Answered: "What Is a Rinse and how do I use it?"

Let’s face it - shopping for hair products can be confusing. There are so many options, brands, and different kinds of products that it can be hard to know what is right for your hair type, and which products will give you the best results. 

This week, our Senior Manager of Education, Evelynn, gives us the tea on what a hair rinse is, what hair types can benefit from it, and how to use the INALA Reset Rinse for our new blog series, “You Ask, We Answer.” 

Q: What is a hair rinse and is it different from a shampoo?

“A hair rinse is an extra step that is typically used before shampooing and is used to clarify the scalp and strands to gently remove build-up while imparting hydration so that the scalp is clean, but not stripped and dried out. It is different from a shampoo because rinses are typically not used every time you cleanse your hair - usually once a week is how often you’d use a rinse (but this depends on the hair type, of course). This is because your normal shampoo likely does a pretty good job at cleansing the hair. But, over time all the creams, butters, oils and other styling products that are used in the hair can accumulate on your scalp and strands to a point where your regular shampoo needs a little help breaking it all down.

There are also other kinds of “rinses” that are hair-focused (rather than scalp) that deposit small amounts of color into the hair to help keep color vibrant and others that are used to add gloss and shine only. For the sake of answering this question, we will be focusing on clarifying rinses.”

Q: Why is it important that product buildup is broken down?

“Making sure that the scalp is clean and healthy is the foundation of having good hair. In fact, too much buildup left on the scalp for a long period of time can negatively affect hair growth and cause the hair to become thinner over time. Buildup on the strands can cause hair to be flat, dull, and appear greasy much faster than hair that is properly clarified and cleansed. But just like anything else, there is a balance that is required - I wouldn’t recommend using these clarifying rinses more than once a week because you don’t want to dry the scalp out due to overuse. You should always rinse these out of your hair by shampooing after to make sure that it is fully removed after each use.”


Q: What makes the INALA Reset Rinse different from other rinses on the market?

“INALA’s Reset Rinse is fantastic because it is not only a scalp clarifying treatment, but also a strengthening treatment for hair, making it a complete scalp-to-strand treatment! The strand benefits are thanks to the pure rice water extract, which improves elasticity, reduces shedding, and helps to promote healthy hair growth. Many rinses on the market only address one area, scalp or strands, but this one was specifically designed to address both. Most importantly, the Reset Rinse is suitable for ALL hair textures and types. We tested this product on fine, coarse, straight, wavy, curly, coily, colored, and relaxed hair, as well as hair that is in protective styles such as braids and locs. It’s so incredible to see one product work for all hair types equally well. The chemist and formulator that helped us bring the Reset Rinse to life, Esha, had been using DIY rice water rinses for years and brought a wealth of cultural and personal experience to this product to ensure that it was truly a treatment for everyone.

Q: What should I expect to see after using the Reset Rinse?

“After one use, you should see a clean and fresh scalp that is free from buildup and flakes, and hair that is shiny and soft. With consistent use, you will likely see less hair shedding, a more balanced scalp, and more volume and lift at the roots.” 

Q: How do I use it?


“Here are my tips and tricks for getting the best results with the Reset Rinse on wash day:

  1. Wet hair first. This is a pre-shampoo treatment and should be the first step in your wash day routine.
  2. Part your hair with fingers, comb, or with the tip of the rinse cap. Making parts for application will ensure that you get the product directly on the scalp. 
  3. Saturate the scalp. If needed, flip head over and apply upside down to ensure that the entire scalp is covered.
  4. Massage into the scalp. This will help the rinse break down product buildup and help stimulate the scalp. For an enhanced experience, use the Crown Polisher - it’ll help stimulate the follicle to help promote healthy hair growth and relieves tension.
  5. Add more rinse to the strands and pull through to the ends of hair with fingers. For more even distribution and light detangling, use the Strand Smoother.
  6. Leave on hair for 1 - 3 minutes. 
  7. Rinse out and follow with Shampoo and Conditioner as usual.

For more tips and tricks from Evelynn, follow her on Supergreat (@INALA_Evelynn), where she hosts live Q&A and tutorial shows for all things INALA! Have a question that you want answered? Drop us a comment and let us know!

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