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You Asked, We Answered: "Does Power Potion work for men?"

We get this question a lot: Will Power Potion work for my boyfriend/husband/dad? With so many hair regrowth options out there, many that are marketed “just for men,” it can be confusing to know what will actually work for the men in your life. Although there are genetic and hormonal differences that can cause thinning to appear in different ways between men and women, everyone can benefit from the centuries-old hair remedy of rice water, which is in every INALA product! 


How common is hair thinning?

Regardless of what gender you are, hair thinning is extremely common. On average, most people normally lose 50 -100 strands of hair a day. If you are seeing more than that, you may be experiencing hair loss. According to Healthline, more than 50% of men over the age of 50 will experience hair thinning, while one-third of women will experience noticeable hair loss at some point

What causes hair thinning?

Between genders, hair loss can look and progress differently. For women, there can be many causes for hair loss; pregnancy, a period of extreme stress or illness, rapid weight loss, medications (such as oral contraceptives), hormonal changes (like menopause), and vitamin deficiencies, among other reasons. Frequent use of tight hairstyles like high ponytails and braids can also cause breakage, that if done repeatedly, can cause lasting damage to the individual hair follicles. 

For men, hair loss can be triggered by many of the same things, but age, genetics, and hormones tend to play a larger role. Hormones called androgens regulate a lot of things in the body, including hair growth. Women also have androgens, but only a very small amount compared to men. These hormones can influence how early and how quickly men experience male pattern baldness. Genetics plays a big role in this - If you have male family members that have experienced male pattern baldness, then the chances of you experiencing it are also high. 


Why are there hair treatments just for men? Are they different from other treatments?

Usually when you see topical hair treatments labeled “for men” or “for women,” this is because they include the ingredient Minoxidil. Minoxidil is an FDA-regulated drug used in many of the most common hair regrowth products on the market. Typically, the only difference is the marketing and packaging (and sadly, sometimes the price - the “pink tax” is still out there). In some instances, the “women’s” versions have a lower percentage of Minoxidil, or slightly different instructions (for example, apply once a day instead of twice a day for men). All in all, the products are usually just about the same.

Although Minoxidil is clinically proven to help with hair loss, because it’s a drug, it comes with its own list of side effects ranging from rashes, irritation, and flaking skin on the applied areas, as well as sensitivity to sunlight and in some cases, an increased heart rate. 


Ok, then what should my boyfriend/husband/dad use for his thinning hair? 

Regardless of what your reason is for losing hair, rice water is a drug-free remedy to help nourish the scalp, strengthen your strands, and help stimulate healthy hair growth. Other ingredients like Biotin and Arginine are also beneficial when applied topically to the scalp, as they help to increase blood flow to the follicles and reduce breakage at the root by strengthening each strand. Both of these ingredients are part of INALA’s signature Rice Water Complex, which is in our Power Potion


Picture of Power Potion dropper


Rice water has been used as a hair growth remedy for centuries with little to no reported side effects (unless you have a rice allergy), which makes it a safe and easy alternative to other hair and scalp treatments. Additionally, because Power Potion is oil-free, it does not make hair greasy or flat, which is common with other hair treatments marketed for men, especially the ones that are in a foam application format.

Results will vary for men using INALA products depending on the reason and progression of hair loss. If hair loss due to male pattern baldness has significantly progressed, it is unlikely to see regrowth in areas where the follicle has died and growth hasn’t been present for some time. However, INALA products will help keep the hair that is still there stronger, fuller, and will delay additional thinning!

Last but not least, lifestyle factors such as diet, sleep, exercise, and stress can all affect hair growth, so being kind to your body and taking care of yourself will help you on your hair journey regardless of age or gender. 

Have you seen great results from using Power Potion? Let us know in the comments!

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