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Rice Water is a generationally passed down ingredient in Asian Cultures used as a beauty secret weapon. Packed with amino acids and natural anti-inflammatory properties, Rice Water has been used to enhance skin and hair for centuries. Inspired by this ingredient, La La began experimenting with making rice water in her own kitchen and after a few weeks the results didn’t lie. She knew she wanted to bring this to the next level. From there, La La partnered with a team of beauty experts and our Signature Rice Water Complex was born.

Rice Water Complex

Our Signature Rice Water Complex is a blend of Rice Water, Biotin and Arginine that together create powerful and results-driven formulas that focus on scalp and strand health in a way the industry hasn’t seen before

Pure Rice Water Extract
  • Packs a variety of Amino Acids + Vitamins B, C and E
  • Essential for encouraging strong healthy hair at the scalp
  • Helps minimize breakage by helping to improve elasticity
  • Nourishes hair at the follicle
  • Helps stimulate and increase blood flow to scalp
  • Strengthens hair, minimizing breakage and loss

A Message from our Co-Founder

“I believe that strength, confidence, and power come from being who we truly are. INALA was created out of a personal need and turned out to be much more. The journey of creating the Rice Water Complex is a story that I’m excited to share.”

– La La Anthony

our mission

Empowered Hair Is Self Care

INALA’s mission is to boost hair health from the crown down. Confidence and self expression guide our product purpose with the goal of making empowered hair easy.

What is empowered hair? Empowered hair is more than how it looks, it’s letting your strands tell the story of how you feel. It’s giving your hair the care it needs so it can show up and shine.

Our signature Rice Water Complex does all the work for you, nourishing, feeding and strengthening your hair so you can embrace your #StrandStory, and leave the rest to us.

INALA is built around 5 guiding principles:


All are welcome


Ingredients that feed and replenish


Approachable, achievable, relatable, affordable

Listen & Learn

We listen to our customers – we too are here to learn


Elevating products with a purpose