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My #StrandStory: Lisa And Her Locs

We chatted with Lisa, a friend of the brand, Model, and Property Manager who has been the star of many of our campaigns to share her #StrandStory about her 4c hair, locs, and her evolving relationship with her hair.

Locs are one of the hairstyles sanctioned by The Crown Act – For more information on the Crown Act, you can read our original post here.

Tell us about yourself!

I work in Property Management in the DC area. In my downtime, I love to read a good book or binge-watch a tv show (probably one I’ve already watched lol). I find joy in the smallest things like game nights with friends, food, and the moon. Really anything that brings simple pleasures like a good drink after a long day at work.


What is your #StrandStory?

My relationship with my hair has been a rollercoaster. In my youth dealing with my natural hair was a HASSLE to say the least. Between the perms and braids, I was always doing something with my hair. I tended to put a lot of heat on it, always straightening and curling it when it wasn’t in a protective hairstyle like braids. My hair is 4C, and that means my hair is neither straight nor curly but rather a ‘fro. Straightening and curling my hair helped me feel like it was blending in better with everyone. Oh man, if I knew then what I know now.

As I got older it got increasingly more annoying to take care of because it was dying, if not already completely dead. The appointments seemed to get more and more expensive. Then one day at the age of 11, I woke up and decided to shave it all. So, my dad took me to the barber and then she was gone. That's when I started my loss journey and I have never been so grateful to have done anything in my life. The convenience of it all?? It was more than enough for me.

For the first year of having locs I would go to someone to do them for me. Then my dad started doing them for me when we moved - he too had locs once upon a time— but eventually I learned how to do them myself. When I was younger, it was always incredibly disappointing to not be able to participate in things like swimming with my cousins on a hot summer day because I’d just gotten my hair done. But now?? There are no limitations. The upkeep is so easy, the products are cheap & it has been an incredible journey in loving something that for the longest time I struggled with. The last decade and then some have been the best for my hair and frankly an extension of how I love myself and my beauty.


What is important to you when choosing products for your hair?

When choosing products for my hair, it is very important for me to pick products that are made for my hair type. Products that are simple, easy to find, and affordable. I’ve been using the same products since I was 16 years old so I think it’s safe to say that I have a great groove. A wax, oil, shiner and always have to have something shea butter, usually a cream.


What is your relationship with INALA?

My relationship with INALA has been based on modeling for their campaigns. I’m so set in my hair product ways BUT I will say that I have used INALAs products and they are 100% well worth it. That Reset Rinse?? It’s probably my favorite product from them.


Any hair tips and tricks you want to share?

My favorite tip is probably hair detoxing. If you have never done one, do it. Invest in your hair. There is nothing like a good detox and a regularly oiled scalp. Most of all, have fun with your hair, color it, chop it — it's a form of expression.




Want to know more about Lisa? You can find her on Instagram and gracing the photos of our INALA website and our brand Instagram!

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