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Product Spotlight: Power Potion

It’s our star product and our best seller for a reason, but how much do you actually know about Power Potion? Yes, it can help you regrow areas of your hair that have thinned out over time, but it does so much more than that! Read on to discover all the wonderful benefits of Power Potion.


What is it?

Power Potion is a daily leave-in scalp treatment to promote scalp health and healthy hair growth in targeted areas. Formulated with INALA’s Signature Rice Water Complex, it harnesses the growth-stimulating properties of 100% pure Rice Water Extract and upgrades it with the scalp fortifying ingredients of Biotin and Arginine. These ingredients work in tandem to not only help promote healthy hair growth, but also to fortify hair at the follicle to prevent breakage. 

Power Potion


Hair growth is the #1 reason why most people try Power Potion in the first place, but it has so many other benefits! For example, if you have a dry scalp the Soy Amino Acids and Serine in Power Potion will help hydrate and soothe the scalp. Additionally, Power Potion works as a great pre-salon treatment, as it will put your hair and scalp in its healthiest state before treatments that can be hard on the hair, like bleaching, coloring, perming, and straightening. It will also help reduce breakage that can occur from typical styling, like using hot tools and brushing, since it fortifies the hair strength at the root. 

Customer Before and After Submission Picture

(We 🖤 Before and After Submissions from our customers!)


How do I use it?

Power Potion is super easy to use and incorporate into your hair routine, no matter your hair texture or type. Because it is a water-based formula and not oil-based, it can be used daily (even between wash days!) without weighing hair down or making it feel greasy. Additionally, it can be used on wet or dry hair, morning or night. 

How to use Power Potion:

  1. Pick the area that you want to focus on. Most people target around their hairline, edges, or at their part. 
  2. Push the button to fill the dropper. The dropper will fill to the exact amount of product needed for a single targeted area. 
  3. Apply directly to the scalp.
  4. Massage into the scalp until absorbed. Tip: For an even more stimulating scalp experience, use the INALA Crown Polisher!
  5. Style as usual. Do not rinse out.

What kind of results can I expect? 

When dealing with something as personal and unique as hair loss, the results can vary depending on initial health of the scalp, overall health of the individual, genetic and hereditary reasons for hair loss, medications, and many other factors . However, for most healthy individuals that are not dealing with hereditary or genetic hair loss, results can typically be seen between 30 - 60 days of daily use. After this point, continued use is suggested in order to maintain the results.

What to expect timeline for Power Potion

A few things to help you with your Power Potion journey:

  1. Take before and after pictures! This will help you see your hair growth in a more objective way throughout your use of the product. We suggest taking pictures at day 0, 30, and 60. 
  2. Be consistent! You can use Power Potion up to twice a day (any more than that will not give you better or faster results), but once a day also works. 
  3. Let us know! If you have taken before and after pictures that are AMAZING, we want to see them! Send your Power Potion Before and After pictures to - If we use your image on our social media, we’ll send you a gift!

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