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Product Spotlight: Triple Threat Tonic



Our newest launch gives you the benefits that you know and love from rice water in a leave-in treatment tonic for the strands. If you’re already a fan of the Power Potion, then you know what rice water can do for your scalp - Triple Threat Tonic was designed to bring those benefits to your hair! 



What is it?

Triple Threat Tonic is a daily leave-in hair treatment with styling benefits that strengthens hair to reduce breakage while adding instant shine, hydration, and frizz control! Powered by INALA’S Signature Rice Water Complex, it strengthens strands with 100% Pure Rice Water Extract, Biotin, and Arginine for less shedding and breakage upon the first use. Multi-tasking and easy to use, it can be used on wet or dry hair and works for all hair types and textures, and is especially effective for dry or damaged hair. 


What makes it a “Triple Threat?”

Triple Threat was designed to be easily incorporated into any hair routine - its versatility and super lightweight texture makes it so that you can use it in three ways: as a primer, a styler, or a refresher, all while giving your hair a strengthening treatment.

How do I use it?


How to use: Apply on wet or damp hair and style as desired.

Benefits: Strengthens hair and reduces styling damage from brushing, heat styling, and using hair ties. Helps maintain a style’s longevity by adding light hold and frizz reduction.


How to use:  Apply on dry hair as a finishing step for your style. Perfect for updos like ponytails, buns, and braids.

Benefits: Provides light hold for styling and finishing. Reduces frizz and flyaways. Minimizes the appearance of split ends and damage. Adds instant shine.


How to use: Apply to dry hair to revive tired and dry waves, curls, and coils. Perfect for in-between wash days and after workouts.

Benefits: Rehydrates dry hair and revives curl definition. Adds light hold for all textures. Adds instant shine to dry and dehydrated hair. 

What kind of results can I expect?

The treatment benefits of Triple Threat Tonic are cumulative - the more you use it, the stronger your hair will get! It works by “coating” each strand with a protective barrier, while the silky, light-as-water formula absorbs into the strands without weighing hair down. Upon the very first use, Triple Threat combats damage from everyday brushing, heat styling, and use of hair ties.

The styling benefits for Triple Threat are immediate! In a consumer focus group, after just one use: 
- 87% of users said Triple Threat Tonic enhanced the shine of their hair
- 73% of users said Triple Threat Tonic reduced the dryness of their hair
- Over half of users said Triple Threat Tonic reduced their frizz and flyaways
Image of blonde hair   Before using TTT


After using TTT

A few things to help you get the most out of Triple Threat Tonic:

  1. Use it daily! The strand-strengthening benefits get better over time, so make sure it’s being incorporated into your daily styling routine for best results.
  2. Use it with Power Potion and Reset Rinse for the ultimate healthy hair trio! We call it the “Rice Water Ritual,” because the three products work in tandem to give you your healthiest scalp and strands.
  3. Let us know! We are always wanting to hear from our INALA community on how the product is working for them! If you have amazing before and after pictures to share with us, send them to



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