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All About Hair Loss (And How to Treat It!)

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Even though August is over, we are bringing some Hair Loss Awareness month love into September because we 👏🏿 are 👏🏾 here 👏🏽 for 👏🏼 it! 👏🏻

In this post, we’ll talk about how common it is, what causes it, and what you can do about it. Hair loss is something that still can feel very taboo to talk about, especially for women, because our hair can be so intrinsically tied to our self-confidence, image, and feelings of our own femininity. At INALA, hair loss is something we talk about every day and encourage others to talk about - The more we can share our own stories and experiences around hair loss, the more we can normalize these conversations and change the narrative. 

Hair loss by the numbers: 


Q: What percentage of the population will experience hair loss due to genetic predisposition?

A: 80% of the population - 60% men / 20% women

Q: What percentage of women will experience hair loss at some point in their life? 

A: 50% 

Q: What is the average number of hairs on the human head?

A: 120,000 hairs is the average amount on a healthy person’s head!

Q: How many hairs, on average, do you lose a day?

A: 50 - 100 strands of hair loss is normal 

What causes hair loss?

Hair loss can be caused by many factors, and sometimes the reasons can vary between men and women. For women, the most common tend to be the following:

  • Hormonal changes (pregnancy, birth control, menopause)
  • Prolonged stress (can be stress on the body caused by illness or mental stress)
  • Hairstyles that are worn frequently that are pulling too tight on the hair follicle (ponytails, buns, braids, extensions, and protective styles such as locs, passion twists, etc.)
  • Prolonged scalp issues (clogged follicles, dermatitis, etc.)
  • Diet and/or vitamin deficiencies
  • Illness and medications (radiation, chemotherapy, alopecia, etc.)

Woman with braids

(Even protective styles like braids can be hard on the hair if they are pulling too tight or installed improperly.)

Is my hair loss "normal"?

Since most people on average lose about 50-100 strands of hair a day, take solace in the fact that losing hair is natural and just part of the hair’s natural cycle of growth! One thing to note about this fact is that most of this normal hair loss will occur either while washing it or styling it, so if you go several days without washing your hair, it could feel like a lot (for example, if you go 5 days without washing your hair, you could naturally shed around 500 hairs on your next wash day!) but it is completely normal. If you feel like you are losing more than that, you may be experiencing a period of temporary hair loss.


Woman looking at her hair.


What can I do to help my hair if it is thinning?

1. Rule out any medical issues that could be the cause. If necessary, talk to your healthcare provider regarding potential medications or vitamin deficiencies that could be affecting your hair. 

2. Check your lifestyle habits. Lack of sleep and constant stress isn't going to help your hair live up to its full potential. 

3. Upgrade your hair and scalp products! Power potion is always the best starting point for targeting hair loss because it is suitable for all hair types and can be easily incorporated into any hair routine.

Ultimately, a healthy scalp will lead to healthy hair growth, so focusing on keeping the scalp clear of product buildup and fortified with the power of rice water will do wonders for your hair. But don’t just take our word for it - look at the hair loss (and regrowth!) journey of some of our customers!




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Evelynn - INALA Education Team 09.23.22

Hi Luke! 🖤 Yes – we always recommend ruling out medical concerns to make sure there are no serious underlying conditions that could be causing hair loss. Thanks for reaching out!

Luke Hawkins 09.23.22

Due to stress, I’ve been suffering from extreme hair loss. I started doing some internet research to figure out how to fix it and came on your site. It’s excellent that you suggested clearing out any underlying medical conditions before beginning any therapies and adjusting to appropriate lifestyle practices to keep this issue at bay. Excellent advice; I’ll bear that in mind and choose a hair care treatment provider. Thanks. Thanks.

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