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Ingredient Spotlight: INALA’s Signature Rice Water Complex

We LOVE rice water at INALA. 🌾🖤 It was the inspiration for our very first product and continues to inspire us with its incredible results from our customers. Not only has it stood the test of time as a reliable and natural way to achieve healthier, fuller, and stronger hair, but it can be adapted to be suitable for all hair types, textures, and concerns!

We use two different versions of Rice Water in our INALA products, 100% Pure Rice Water Extract and our Signature Rice Water Complex. We’ll take a look at both and which one is in each of our products!

100% Pure Rice Water Extract:

This is the base for all of our hair products that is inspired by the ancient ritual of using Rice Water for hair health. Formulated to be more shelf stable, odorless, and more concentrated than DIY Rice Water, this ingredient fuels our products and provides a multitude of benefits to both the scalp and strands. 

Rice Water Extract is in every INALA product, and really shines in the Reset Rinse, which was formulated to be a more effective version of the traditional Rice Water Rinses. While most DIY Rice Water Rinses use fermented rice water, which has an unpleasant odor and does not last very long even when refrigerated, Reset Rinse takes the best parts of a traditional DIY rinse and makes it a luxurious and effective once-a-week treatment for the scalp and strands. Rice Water is rich in amino acids, the building block of proteins, which help promote healthy hair growth when applied to the scalp and strengthens strands and builds bonds when applied directly to hair. 


INALA’s Signature Rice Water Complex:

This ingredient takes our 100% Pure Rice Water Extract and takes it up a notch. Found in our leave-in products, Power Potion and Triple Threat Tonic, this complex consists of 100% pure rice Water extract, biotin, and arginine, which gives the added benefits of infusing vitamins and minerals that are essential for healthy hair. When applied directly to the scalp in the form of Power Potion, biotin and arginine help to strengthen hair directly at the follicle, increase blood flow to help stimulate the scalp, and nourish the scalp. When applied to the strands in the form of the Triple Threat Tonic, these additional ingredients work together with rice water to strengthen the individual hairs to help make it more elastic and strong, which reduces breakage from styling over time




Now that you know the differences between our Rice Water Complex and rice water, you can feel confident in the fact that regardless of what INALA products you choose, you’re getting the best and most effective version of rice water. If you are really serious about getting your scalp and hair to its most healthiest state, we’d suggest starting with using our Power Potion and Triple Threat Tonic on scalp and strands daily, and using the Reset Rinse once a week - We call this the 3-step Rice Water Ritual and it was designed to help you jumpstart your healthy hair journey!

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