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Three Ways to use Triple Threat Tonic with Keke!

Triple Threat Tonic launched a little over a month ago and La La and the INALA Team have had such a fun time learning about all the ways that the INALA community have incorporated it into their own hair routine. Today, we’re going to dive into three different ways to use the Triple Threat Tonic for textured hair with makeup artist and friend of the brand, Keke (@FlautFace)! Here, she shows her favorite ways to incorporate it into her routine as she uses it to prime, style, and refresh her way to healthier hair. So if you’re still on the fence about giving it a try or if you just need a little bit of hair inspo, this one's for you! 


Sleek Ponytail style

Style #1: Sleek Ponytail 

How to: Use Triple Threat as a styler at the crown of the ponytail after it is up to help add shine, a bit of hold, and strength to strands. 

Triple Threat Tonic is the perfect base for any other products that you want to layer on top to achieve this style, but it also works great on its own. To help with the hold, Keke prefers to set her edges with a silk wrap while the product is drying to ensure that the edges remain sleek.

Time for a refresh: When Keke refreshed her ponytail the next day, she only applied Triple Threat to the right side of her ponytail and used plain water on the other side. As you can see, the side with Triple Threat has less frizz and is smoother than the plain water side.



Keke Tip! Keke told me that she likes to use Triple Threat in her routine in place of where she would normally just use water. This is because the texture of the product mimics water and is able to “reactivate” the products that are already in her hair when she is doing a refresh of a style, but it also adds the benefit of hair strengthening, a little hold, and shine. It’s a win-win! 


 Style #2: The Versatile Blowout


How to use: Use Triple Threat Tonic as a primer on damp hair for lasting shine, protection from styling damage, and a longer-lasting style. Just apply to hair and style as usual. 

She started off with a full blown-out curl look and only applied the product to the right side of her hair to get a good comparison. She noticed that the right side of her hair had less overall frizz, more curl definition, and lasted longer than the other side without Triple Threat Tonic.


Time for a refresh: After two days of rocking the curly blowout, she flat-ironed the style for a different look. Without adding any additional product to her hair she noticed that the right side had less frizz, but what really stood out to her was that the right side of her hair, which she had been using Triple Threat Tonic on for a few months before launch as a product tester, was actually longer than the other side of her hair! She said, What I discovered after trimming was actually somewhat shocking and it took me a while to even realize this - but the right side of my hair was longer than the left and for a moment I thought that I had trimmed more hair on the left side. Feeling certain that I didn’t, it finally occurred to me that because I've been using INALA mostly on my right, obviously it would have more hair growth!” Can your current styling products do THAT?? 👀

Keke's favorite way to use Triple Threat is as a primer for these kinds of blowouts: "I like that the Triple Threat Tonic has made my blow-dry process more seamless and it adds a natural shine to my hair without weighing it down."

Style #3: Wash-And-Go

How to use: Use Triple Threat as a primer for a wash-and-go. Apply the product to wet or damp hair and layer any additional products over it to help with curl definition, shine, and hair health!

For this style, she primed her hair by using this first and layering on her styling gels over the top. Since the product is so lightweight, it is able to play nicely with other styling products without weighing her curls down (Keke LOVES her volume!). She said, “I truly think what helped the style overall was using it as a 1st step after washing to maintain frizz control.” 



Bonus Style! Wash-and-go to Updo


Here is where the versatility of Triple Threat really shines! ✨ After using Triple Threat to style and refresh her wash-and-go, on day 6 she decided to switch it up and do a sleek bun. She applied the Triple Threat only to the right side of her hair so she could tell the difference and used plain water on the left side of her hair. She then detangled her hair and wrapped it with a scarf for a few minutes to set and didn’t add anything else on top. Voilà! From a wash-and-go to a sleek bun, in minutes. We love a hair hack that is also healthy for hair! Commenting on the difference between the two sides of her head, she said: “I noticed I had less frizz and detangling was much easier and looked smoother than the side that just had water.” 


There you have it! What ways have you been using Triple Threat? We want to see them! Send your Before and After photos to for your chance to be featured and don't forget to follow Keke on IG!🖤

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