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Three Healthy Hair Habits for 2024

The start of a new year is often viewed as a fresh start for your personal goals. Why not make a resolution for healthier hair in 2024? Not only will you get to directly benefit from the results but it can be a fun element of self-care in the process! So while you’re working on your other resolutions, read on for three healthy hair habits for 2024!

Hair Resolution #1: Make scalp care just as frequent as hair care.

You’ve probably heard us say this over and over again, but it’s so important that it needs to be repeated: healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. If your scalp isn’t hydrated, nourished, clarified, and balanced, you can expect that your hair will start to show some signs of damage as well. Luckily, we have a collection of products and accessories that you can use to boost your scalp health this year!

Power Potion: Our best-seller, crown jewel, and product that started it all, Power Potion is the ultimate scalp treatment for scalp health, hair growth, and nourishment. Fortified with our Signature Rice Water Complex, daily use will help stimulate the scalp for new hair growth while hydrating it to keep flakiness and itchiness at bay.

Power Potion

Crown Polisher: Treat your scalp both in the shower and out, with this fillable wet and dry-use scalp massager. Use it in the shower with your favorite shampoo to gently lift away buildup and stimulate the scalp and use it on dry hair after applying Power Potion to help with absorption and added scalp stimulation.

Crown Polisher

Reset Rinse: Buildup is a healthy scalp’s worst enemy. Why? Because buildup can clog your follicles which can lead to less hair growth and damage in the long run. If that’s not bad enough, sometimes your shampoo isn’t enough to thoroughly cleanse the scalp on its own, especially if you use a lot of dry shampoos, volumizing products, or go a week or more between wash days. The solution is Reset Rise, a once-a-week pre-shampoo treatment for scalp and strands and busts buildup on the scalp while strengthening your hair.

Reset Rinse 

Hair Resolution #2: Vow to not go to bed with wet hair.

It may not be immediately noticeable, but going to bed with wet hair frequently is a one-way ticket to damage and breakage. This is because hair is in its weakest state when it's wet, making it more susceptible to tangling, frizz, and breakage. Additionally, leaving hair wet for too long can cause what is known as hygral fatigue, which is when excessive moisture penetrates the strand and reaches the inner cortex, causing it to swell. Doing this often can damage your hair over time. To avoid this, we suggest using a microfiber hair towel to help speed up the drying process and if needed, blow dry hair on a low heat setting before going to bed. 

Dry Me Off: Made out of super plush microfiber, this luxurious hair towel helps speed up your drying time while reducing frizz and tangles. Unlike a traditional cotton towel, using a microfiber hair wrap doesn’t require friction to absorb moisture, which will result in less frizz and ultimately less breakage.


Dry Me Off

Triple Threat Tonic: Applying some of our strand-strengthening tonic to damp strands before blow drying gives it heat protection and extra elasticity so hair can bend but not break under heat. An added benefit is that it also provides slip for easier detangling and coats the strands with protective rice water for less damage during styling!

Triple Threat Tonic

Hair Resolution #3: Prioritize nighttime hair care

While we're on the topic of nighttime hair care, why not set yourself up for an easier and healthier hair day the next morning? By swapping out your regular cotton pillowcase for a 100% mulberry silk pillowcase, you can get numerous hair and skin benefits, both long-term and short-term -- trust us on this, once you use one you'll never go back to your old pillowcase again.

Empowered Pillowcase: There are honestly so many benefits to this but ultimately making this simple switch will result in fewer tangles, frizz, and breakage in the long run. If that isn’t reason enough, it will also work wonders for your skin by decreasing wrinkling and it can even help reduce acne!

Empowered Pillowcase

Put Me Up: Do you sleep with your hair in a protective pineapple at night? Turn your nighttime hair routine up a notch by also incorporating a silk scrunchie like our Put Me Up, which is made from the same silk as our pillowcase, and ditch your regular hair elastic for less breakage and damage in the morning. When paired with our Empowered Pillowcase, you’re well on your way to a better hair day the next morning!

Put Me Up silk scrunchie


Do you have a New Year’s Hair Resolution for 2024? Let us know in the comments and share your favorite tips and tricks!

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